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released November 11, 2014



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INTO SICKNESS Mexico City, Mexico

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Track Name: Entropy Behavior
Giant ice blocks
increasing the surface heat

That combustion
enjoy inner pleasure
greedy watching threads
of probability and time
strings are converging
too fast and others factors
seemed to be going
out of control this is
entropy behavior

still greedy about energy
that we can't never control

Nature Force Vibrating Senses

Extra ambitions controls power
uncertainty covered messages

Dissipate that matter
with increase of chaotic heat
Distribution and degradation
Plasmatic mutual spin
Track Name: Ajenjo Negro
Source of endless
Smash those leaves
Precisely cycle
Of Nuclear Waste

Artemisa Absinthium
Deep Green till Void
Gran wormwood
to recruit
exhausted strength

Inherent conditions

Fairies stimulation
Generates a psichic
Tug of war mechanism
Render Visions

Hydrogen explosions
Catastrophic wasteborns
Fruit of mutations
Money Abominations

Spending cruel ambitions
burning toxic fuel
radioactive time
we can't never clean

They wished to forget
nightmares in-between
exponential pollution
Normal weather future
Track Name: Bastos llD
Deambulando en no tiempo
El don de ubicuidad
El presente es continuo
Viajando sin voltear

Devasta toda realidad
Exterioriza el nahual

Corporeo y real
Dolor y trance
percibe mas
el cuerpo astral
consciencia en sueño
realiza etereo
ser psiconauta
borrar el tiempo
Track Name: Mambanigrind
Poisoned encourage the watch
How that blood is going blackened
dysfunctional body structures
rotten ankle is your course
for trespassing what is there
now the downward is begging

suffocation by your veins
blood pressure going higher
you just can imagine
some fresh air

but is not
there only visions
from the final frontier

Heat convulsions and dislocations
chronical paralysis

Realize how invisible you are
terror over the decrease of your existence
Track Name: Orphic Deconstruction
Nature Punishment
Makes acceleration
On decrease of human being

He who is doing his true will
Is assisted by the momentum
Of the universe, in fluctuation
Parallel minds
Receive same pressure
Cellular degradation
Micro-process controls actions
Modifying those instincts
Unsatisfactory greyness
Orphic Deconstruction

Eternal warfare is the price
tribute and reward
of existence

Drones with tyrannic missions
Drop the sickness in chem trails
Cancer things that demand profits
Didn't know about the taxes
Malevolent metastasis
Track Name: La Danza de Ifrits
En otros tiempos
Preguntas erróneas
La incoherencia del hombre
Limito sus creaciones

piedras sagradas bañadas de sangre

Lamparas viejas
con sigilos resguardados

Signos grabados
continúan perturbando

Esquiva las dagas con sangre da cabra

Humo Sin Fuego
Prepara Guerras
Pueblos Borrados
Decretos traicionados
Hedor violento
Recluta Armas
La Voz con Rabia
Discordia Por Tronos

Vasta ironía y malicia empieza a danzar
El fatal yugo de ifrits decide el final
Libres deambulan jugando con la humanidad
Track Name: Flujo Bélico Capital
Black gold still greed
Means Tyranny
until we still living
in agony
Black gold still greed
means tyranny
until we live in misery

Tons Of bullets in exchange
make it all blow away
shotguns on your head
explote handmade bombs

amapolas tears raindrops
all over around the globe

Silicium researchers
generates a state of madness
other office send the jackals
they are some mercenaries

Airdrop Nuclear Test

Part of the castle series
somewhere bikini atolon
that shitty secret struggle
from the federal reserve

when you suddenly can smell death gas
that cause your head and nervous system
have a breakdown
Track Name: Chaneques
Balcony vortex
Opens a source
Of salvia smoke
So you can jump

Purple goblins
Install Some Traps
Grey Dry Skin
Hear them laugh

Loudly Spikes
That goes
trough the skin

Enjoy The blindness
Of the deafness
Multi-sensorial Confusion

De reojo te escucho
Como arriba es abajo
Son Chaneques gritando
Digiriendo las almas
Track Name: Drop Your pills out
Far beyond established
cognitive process
disatending from between
Freedom of imaginarium
Against dogmatic squares
Random situations
Grow this consciousness
river of cosmic tendencies
Drop your pills
and waste that silly fear

The cacophony of neurosis
Fantasy and psycosis
wich guides materialistic
culture to the end